Rock Now Radio Privacy Policy

        1. Service
        Rock Now Radio (named RNR from now on in this Privacy Policy) is a property of SC Rock Now Media Net SRL and is committed to provide free entertainment services, such as internet radio streams, various news, and other types of content, which is subject to be changed at any time. RNR provided services can be updated at sole RNR discretion.
        RNR respects the privacy concerns of users accessing the provided services, and does not ask any user to disclose any personal information for them to participate in a particular activity.
        RNR offers service via various means, including but not limited to: website pages, audio streams, desktop and mobile applications, recommendations for usage in well-known applications, integration with third party web or social platforms and services. These are offered as a convenience for the users and might have their own terms of service, EULAs, privacy policy and terms of use.

        2. Third party
        While RNR itself does not ask for any personal informations, it might be integrated into third party services, offering installation programs for certain devices, browsers, third party application or websites. Such integrations are not under the direct control of RNR and might ask, collect or use personal informations for their purposes. RNR does not interfere, nor have control over such possible actions and recommends you to consult these respective third party services privacy policies. If there are restrictions imposed by these third parties, including but not limited to age limitations, parental consent, legal, or any other kind, RNR recommends you to consult these respective third party restrictions.
        RNR does offer this document as its own privacy policy for the users, but it does not make any assumptions on third party privacy policies.

        3. Informations we collect
        We log IP addresses to collect statistics of user visits for various statistics and RNR services needs, use cookies prevent abuse of our websites, statistic purposes, and location informations for statistical and services usage.
        RNR services use does not require, nor collect user names, logins, email addresses or any personally identifiable informations of any kind, and is not storing such informations except IP address. There is no personal data directly asked, stored, processed or otherwise handled directly by RNR. If you choose to use RNR services via third party means, those means might associate personal information with RNR services on the respective third party platforms. Even in this case, RNR does not collect such data on storage under direct RNR control.

        4. How we use the information
        Personal data collected from integration with third party services, if any, is not disclosed by RNR to anyone else. If the user chooses to perform public actions, including (but not limited to) actions such as: Like, Share, Embed, or any other action that user already consented to, we might display such user actions; for example, if the user clicks "Like" on one a RNR social website page, the respective page can display "The user John Doe likes page X". RNR may consult such data for service purposes, including but not limited to statistics and terms of use compliance. RNR does not store such data physically on any or its storage means under RNR direct control, and is committed to avoid any usage except for internal statistical purposes.

        5. Usage termination by the user.
        RNR content usage is at sole discretion of the user. If the user stops using the service, or is not permitted to use the service, there is no additional action to be conducted by the user regarding privacy. Depending on what means the user choose to use RNR content, the user might need to perform additional actions, including but not limited to: stop visiting the websites, clear browser cookies associated with RNR websites, uninstall the applications provided to consume RNR content, remove integration with third party platforms. Please consult the respective platforms help documentation about how to remove usage from those platforms.